Always happy and success, Ikeda Yu!
I actually dont wanna make this post. when I read the news about him resigning from Johnnys, I dont wanna believe it. until Arashi appear on Music Station with the boys and then I saw Kouta dancing without his beloved shinme. I finally realize that Ikechan really gone :"

Ikeda Yu is the first Dance Fams' boys that I know. Im a NEWS and Arashi's fans, and I always find Ikechan on both groups' concert eventho backthen, I dont even know his name.

Ikeda-kun always have the calm aura around him. I love to see someone like him. like when I see Nagano Hiroshi (V6) and Yabu Kota (HSJ), Ikeda-kun's presence especially his smiles soothing me :'))

when I came to Singapore to watch Takizawa Kabuki last year, I didnt really notice him to be honest. I cant stop looking at Iwamoto Hikaru (I always call him Ganchan tho) and ofc searching for my beloved baby, Yamamoto Ryota. but when I accidentally met them on the airport, Ikeda-kun notice me first.

I cant even believe it. I mean, I keep staring at them like there's no tomorrow. so he might realize that im a fan. and he smiled at me. then I finally came back to my sense and call him "Ikeda!" (Im so sorry for my rudeness, but my brain flew away the moment I saw them in front of me. sumimasen deshita OTL)

he bow a little and smile again. I mentioned it before on my twitter, MAD were the most polite. both Ikeda and Kouta smiling widely and bow at me after we shook hands. arent they sweet? ;~;

that's why I broke down when I heard him resign from Jimusho. it's always hurt to remember how both Ikeda and Kouta keep saying they wanna protect MAD, especially after Noda-san gone. and and im more hurt to hear Kouta didnt participate on any Crea.

when Ninomiya Kazunari speak up about a junior (I dunno that mean a kouhai or literally a Jr) who came to him and say that soon, a close friend would be quitting Jimusho, I really cant think anyone beside Kouta. eventho it could be about Junno.

Ikeda always saying that he have a duty to watch over Kouta messed around, it hurt to think that no one would do that again to Kouta. also remember Kouta saying that the only things he can win over Ikeda are smiles and being an idol. simply bcs Ikeda more into serious things than Kouta. and Ikeda agree with his statement :'3

Travis Payne said everyone call Ikeda Yu "funny guy" but he actually like a little computer who can remember everything. yes, Ikeda is a loveable awesome guy :"))

in the end, I really hope they'll success in any activities they do after this. hope Jimusho wouldnt "throw" Kouta away just bcs he didnt have any group now. I believe he'll do his best for anything eventhough he's alone now.

and for Ikeda-kun, I hope he's happy and success wherever he is. Kouta will miss his beloved shinme and Hayashi Shota will miss his "partner in crime". and I surely will miss his soothing smile and his cool acrobatics and everything about Ikeda Yu. Ikechan, ganbare!! :")) <33

my beloved MAD <33

Ikeda-kun helping Kitayama Hiromitsu. how can I not love him? :")

on They Budou's Crea. Dance Fams forever!

Ikeda Yu's papapic. seems like he loves that blue suit alot. he wearing it too much. lol. he also wear it when he cameback to Japan from Singapore. credit belong to whoever you are. thank you for these lovely pics <3

Takizawa Kabuki troops. Ikeda Yu's last project. will never forget how amazing they are (esp Ikeda-kun) performing in front of me :")

Takizawa Kabuki cast in Changi airport, Singapore repo~
i actually dunno how to start this repo. i never did one before, so please pardon me ^^;;;
i only wanna share my happiness to all of you, guys. tehee.. ^^V first of all, im not gonna write about the show. i might be write it tho, but not this time. it's long, btw ^^;;

so, yesterday, 24th august 2015, i woke up at 4 in the hostel. bcs my friends gonna check out and go to airport. they have a flight to Japan in early morning. after they go, i keep playing my handphone and still praying that im gonna meet the boys at the airport. bcs Japan still feel so far away from me. huhuuu... TT^TT

i went to airport at 6.30 am and arrived probably around 7 am. i made some round of tour (?) in the airport, stil hoping meeting the boys. and on 8 am, i suddenly met my other friends. they assume that the boys gonna have their flight on 10 am. i almost give up when they havent come at 9, bcs i should go to departure gate asap. i also have a flight on 10 >_<

with heads down, i come to departure gate, through the immigration and waiting for my friends and her family. im looking at my left side and suddenly squeeze my friend's hand so hard, IT'S THEM!!!

most of them wearing a suit and vest, some of them wearing the usual shirt and hat or fedora. Ikeda Yu realized that i keep looking at them. so i looking at him and call him "Ikeda!" he smile and bow. Watanabe Shota also looking at me. i ask him "where is Yamamoto-kun?" but he only frowning. i think he cant hear me.

i collecting all of my courage and say to them "can i shake hands with you?" again, they all just frowning. lol. i think they dont understand what i say, so i say it again "can i shake hands with you guys?" and made a shake hands gesture with my hands. they finally nod. i came to them and say "im a big fan of you guys!"

i think the 1st one that i shook hands is Iwamoto Hikaru. Ganchan is super tall. my head is only around his chest. he has a broad shoulder. wearing a glasses and suit. SO HANDSOME!! he is indeed a "hikaru" so shining! ("mabuchiii~" Shogo said xD) and i realized after im alr on my flight that he look like Ken-san! i should call him Ken-san back then xD

after Ganchan, i shook hands with Akiyama Taiga. when i look at him, i say "oshareee~" ofc i said it in my mind. lol. he's wearing a sunglasses and black fedora. kinda look charai xD and i go to Inaba Hikaru and Fukushi Nobuki. i dunno why i didnt even remember them oTL but im sure i shook hands with them bcs they all there in my papapic. then i go to Abe Ryohei. he's so awesome and polite! you can guest from his body language and from the way he smiles that he's a smart and educated boy. so cute <3

beside Abebe, there's Watanabe Shota. trust me, he's waaayyy more handsome in real! after we shook hands and he smiles, i go to my lovely baby Yamamoto Ryota!! I CANNOT BELIEVE HE'S THERE. RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME!! ;~; he's so tinyyy. his height might be around 160cm or even below xD but he has a broad shoulders. and he's AWESOMELY cute and handsome at the same time!! i show him my "Yamamoto" tattoo. i say "Yamamoto-kun, i have this" he's looking at my hand and replied "ah, sugee" and im blushing madly >///< his expression kinda unreadable. he look flat but his eyes are sparkling and i think he's trying to keep his cool in public xD

and i go to Fukazawa Tatsuya. i hardly remember him but i can tell he's handsome! more handsome than you imagine <3 and i shook hands with Ikeda Yu. his smile is supeeerr sweet and he bow at me! so polite <3 and i go to Sakuma Daisuke. he's indeed so white! i mean his skin so bright. and he srsly look otaku-ppoi. lol. he also smiling at me :3 and then Tsuyoshi Eda!! Eda-nyan look cuter in real! he's also small, but he kinda looked bigger (?) than Yamamoto.

i go to Goto Hiromi and call him "Goto~" and he smiles then replied "ah, haik~" and we shook hands. his smiles is super sweet and i love his eyes when he's smiling <3 after that i go to Matsumoto Kouta. i keep thinking about his smile after i watch the show, and now he's smiling to me super sweetly, i cant even believe it >////< he bow to me politely after that :3 and the last one, i shook hands with Miyadate Ryota. Date-sama wearing a suit and also sunglasses. he has a big posture but that makes him more kakkoi. so handsome!

after that, a staff told me to retreat, so i did. i come back to my place but then my friends shouting at me "bow! bow!!" so i finally bowing and say "arigatou gozaimashita!" my hands is trembling, cant breath properly. but i finally took 2 photos as a prove. Ishigaki Daisuke came not long after, so i cannot shake hands with him >< i also cant find Hayashi Shota and Tomioka Kento, such a pity >_<

some of them still looking at me, esp Watanabe Shota. i dunno what did he said to the others. he might say "this tiny girl have a huge backpack!" or "this girl's hands srsly cold!" or he might be wondering where did i came from bcs im wearing a hijab. hihi.. im happy that NabeSho notice me tho xD

when the Jr finally walk off, i say from afar "Yamamoto-kun, byebye~" and he replied "byebye~" while waving at me. MY GOD!!! AM I DREAMING OR SOMETHING?!! >////<
and suddenly Takizawa hideaki come from immigration gate. he walk fast. but me and my friend still have a chance to call him, so we shout "Tackey!!" and he waved. Tono is such a cutie-pie. he's so tiny and slender. even tinier than Yamamoto, i think >< and the last one appear is Kawai Fumito. someone on twitter said Kitayama Hiromitsu alr flew back to Japan the night before.

i kinda regret not telling them to come to Indonesia and say that im so in love with Playzone, also Manatsu no Yoru no Hana. and i actually wanna send my best regards for Yara Tomoyuki. bcs i know Yara is close with Yamamoto. my brain is freezing when i stand in front of them. i lose all my Japanese vocab. that's why i keep speaking incoherent English words like "im a big fan of you" and "i love you, i love you so much~" im so sorry, i failed oTL

so... that's it. i alr flew back to my country, Indonesia, but my heart left behind in Changi airport, Singapore. thank you Singapore. and thank you so much for the awesome show, dear Takizawa Hideaki, Kitayama Hiromitsu, Kawai Fumito, Snow Man, They Budou, MAD and MADE. i love you even more. i hope i have a next chance to see you guys once again :'))

ps : please forgive my broken and absurd grammar u_u feel free to see the papapic i took on my personal twitter @_Yunhotic see you again, guys ^^ <33

actually this post srsly so random. cuma tiba-tiba kepikiran bahwa umur gue udah 20 tahun. trus inget kemarin-kemarin gue pacarannya ala bocah banget.
pacar yg terakhir kemarin.... well.... lumayan sih. baik orangnya. asik juga. dan dia sama-sama bisa 'baca' orang kaya gue. jd dia tau kalo gue ngambek atau ngerasa gak enak. but still, macam bocah aja yg kalo sms nya gak dibales langsung ngambek. padahal dr awal gue udah bilang sama dia, gue ini anak kuliahan. sibuknyaaaaaa bukan main. tiap hari harus masuk kuliah dan ngerjain tugas yang bejibun. tp tetep gak mau ngerti. the worst case, -- i dunno he's stingy atau emang sengaja manfaatin gue-- dia gak pernah mau bayarin gue. mending bayarin gue, lah akhirnya malah gue yg bayarin dia. plis deh, situ cowok macem apa sih? harga diri dikemanain sampe rela berkali-kali dibayarin ceweknya? bbbzzzz -____-
gue bukan cewek yg amat sangat mementingkan harta ya. tapi tetep matre, karna buat gue matre itu realistis. tapi ketika ada cowok yg jalan sama gue dan dia bayarin gue, which is mean, imo, bahwa dia bersedia bertanggung jawab atas hidup gue. dia tau gue adalah tanggung jawab dia, jd dia do anything to make me feel happy.
trus sekarang, ada mantan tak diundang balik lg ke hidup gue. itu orang tiba-tiba invite BBM gue. trus ceritanya kita chatting tuh. berapa hari kemudian dia ngajak balikan. yakaleeeeee... menurut nganaaaaaa i mau balikan sama u? ketemu lg juga belom lah tiba2 udah ngajak balikan ajah -____-
lagi-lagi semacam pengen bilang 'maaf ya, saya bukan taman bermain yang bisa anda kunjungi ketika anda bosan, lalu ditinggal lagi setelah anda menemukan hal menarik yang lain.'
heol. u kate i dufan, huh?! -___-

Comeback Home :)
Comeback home.... the title sounds so sweet, eh? lol. well, this is not a story about how i comeback from foreign country to my home, simply because i never wander to another country. mom will never allow it :p
this is just a story that happened this morning because i really had a good good dream last night.
i dream about Yunho last night. and when i met him, im not screaming or do something like i always do, i just smiling and shouting "Yunho-kun kawaaaiii~~" to him for a few times. after i keep shouting that, he came to my spot. "nihonjin?" Yunho suddenly asking me if im a Japanese or not, and i say no. im from Indonesia. "ahh Indonesia...." he seems know Indonesia. well ofc, since he came to Indonesia last year.
im not screaming or do something unpleasent, i just smile and keep trying to breath normally cause he's so close to me and it makes me lose my breath. he's still my no. 1 idol tho.
and out of the blue, Yunho holding my hands and asking me a few question like how did you get here and blablabla i dont remember. im answering his question one by one, still trying to breath properly tho. and i say "im your fan since 7 years ago" Yunho smiling widely and say "ahh... long time neee~~" he said it in english with a very few vocab. lol. we chat for another minutes and his manager came to take him back to hotel. i dunno where is it tho. that's the end of my dream. and i suddenly wide awake with a very happy feeling. auntie said im smiling in my sleep. like literally smiling.
when i dream about a certain something or someone, it always mean that i miss that thing or that person. and then BAM!! it slapped me hard. before i really realized it, i srsly miss Yunho so much.
it's been months even year since i "ran away" from him, from Yunho, from TVXQ. I dunno why. but i always said that i keep running away from them. from Yunho, from TVXQ. i ran to Shinhwa, to NEWS, to Arashi, to Johnny's, to Japan. and i dont even know why. it's just like, i found my sweet substitution. like in Shinhwa and Arashi, they're not perfect, they never perfect. yet they always stay together, it's like they can't breath when they're not together. Shinhwa and Arashi ever made a promise. a promise that they will always stay as 6 and as 5 for as long as the fans want. and they make that promise come true. it's like a pang in my chest. the reality that i expect from TVXQ5 never come true after that lawsuit.
but then im here, missing Yunho like a hell, and suddenly wanna comeback to him. to Changmin. to TVXQ. just like Yunho said about TVXQ, TVXQ it's home. a home that he can comeback whenever he want. for me, TVXQ also a home. because eventho i keep running away from them, even it was so far far away, i'll always comeback to them. to my humble leader Yunho and my big baby Changmin. i dont wanna run again from them. i'll always spazzing Japan and Johnny's like i always do, but di dont wanna forget my TVXQ. they're just so precious for me.
Yunho-yah, Changmin-ah, sorry if im neglect you. but hey, i comeback. im here and will always be here.
sincerely, your cutie fans, Bilqis :)

[Drabble] A Way To Shut Yamada Ryosuke Up (YamaJima/YutoYama)
Title : A Way To Shut Yamada Ryosuke Up
Author : konayuuki_chan
Pairing : Nakajima Yuto X Yamada Ryosuke (YamaJima/YutoYama)
Genre : Fluff?
Rating : PG-15

“Inoo-chan, lihat scarf baruku. Bagus tidak?” celoteh Yamada Ryosuke dengan mata berbinar-binar. Inoo Kei mendelik sebal. Band-mate Yamada itu memang sedang sibuk mengerjakan tugas akhirnya, tapi Yama-chan –panggilan akrab Yamada– tetap bersikeras menggangunya.
“Yama-chan, biarkan Kei-chan berkonsentrasi dengan tugasnya. Jangan menganggunya lagi.” Ucap Yabu Kota –unofficial leader Hey! Say! Jump– memperingati sekaligus membela Inoo.
“aku kan hanya bertanya, Yabu-kun” jawab Yamada bersungut-sungut.
“Yuto-kun, tolong lakukan sesuatu padanya” teriak Inoo.
‘Apa itu maksudnya lakukan sesuatu?’ Yamada mengernyit.
Nakajima Yuto yang sejak tadi sibuk air-drumming di pojok ruangan dengan headset menempel di telinganya akhirnya mengangkat kepala. Yuto memandang Inoo, Yabu dan Yamada bergantian, lalu mengangguk lamat-lamat. Yuto berdiri cepat, menarik tangan Yamada dengan cukup kuat lalu membawanya ke rooftop.
“Hey Yuto-kun, kita mau apa disini?” Yuto terdiam. Sebelum Yamada bisa memprotes lagi, Yuto mendorong Yamada ke dinding lalu menciumnya dengan cepat. Yamada membelalakan matanya dan berusaha mendorong Yuto, tapi tenaganya tidak cukup kuat untuk melawan Yuto. Akhirnya Yamada menyerah. Ia perlahan melingkarkan tangannya di leher Yuto. Yuto tersenyum kecil sebelum melumat bibir Yamada lebih dalam. Setelah beberapa menit yang breath-taking, Yuto melepaskan ciumannya dari bibir Yamada.
“Yuto, kun........ y-y-yang tadi itu apa?” tanya Yamada dengan nafas tersengal.
“Hanya mencoba melakukan apa yang di perintahkan Inoo-chan” jawab Yuto santai.
Yamada terkejut dengan jawaban tersebut dan sebelum dia bisa memprotes lebih lanjut, Yuto sudah kembali menariknya ke dalam sebuah ciuman yang lebih panas dari sebelumnya.


aaaaaaa..... how is it?
tolong di komen yaaw. ini beneran first yaoi fic. first drabble juga. first YamaJima. jadi kalo kacau, tolong dimaafkaaaaan. tadinya mau pake English, tapi gak kuat grammarnya. jadi Indonesia dulu deh >_<
buat yang baca, apalagi yang komen, arigachuu~~ :*

first love?
hari ini, 11 februari 2013. tepat 7 tahun sejak kejadian itu.
minggu sebelumnya, tgl 4 februari 2006, gue ngerayain ulang tahun gue sama temen-temen di ITC Depok. well, hari itu, salah satu sobat gue cerita kalo dia naksir sama cowok kelas sebelah. kebetulan banget, dia ikut kita hari itu. pas jalan setelah makan, gue ngomong ke itu cowok 'man, tembak lah. udah nungguin itu si S' (sebut saja namanya S ya) cowok itu cuma senyum manis ke gue. gue tetep ngotot nyuruh dia nembak sobat gue itu. akhirnya, bang! ditembak lah sobat gue itu. jadian donk tuh mereka pas ultah gue.
beberapa hari berlalu sejak kejadian itu, tiba-tiba gue gak bisa berenti mikirin itu cowok. which is cowok yg sekarang udah jd pacar sobat gue. gue bener-bener mikirin terus itu cowok. gue kadang nyuri-nyuri pandang ke dia, dan kacaunya, itu cowok emang selalu kedapetan lg ngeliatin gue juga. setiap kita ketemu pandang, dada gue berdesir gak jelas. trus abis itu dia pasti senyum manis ke gue deh. dan udah beberapa hari itu, cowok kelas sebelah yg sobatnya cowok itu jg selalu bilang ke gue ' qis, dapet salam.' (sebut saja dia W) dan tiap gue nanya dari siapa, dia cuma jawab 'dari rahasia hati lo' DEG! yg ada di pikiran gue cuma cowok itu. cowok kelas sebelah yang sekarang udah jd pacarnya sobat gue. gue gak bisa mikirin cowok lain lagi. gue inget ketika tiba-tiba kelas di mash-up, gue duduk di depan dia tp beda barisan. gue mau ngambil kacamata di tas, otomatis gue madep belakang trus ngambil kacamata yg ada di tas gue itu, pas gue ngeliat ke dia, dia lg serius bgt mandangin gue. dan saat mata kita ketemu pandang, lagi-lagi dia senyum manis ke gue. gue langsung balik badan, duduk dan megangin dada gue yg detaknya udah gak karuan itu. di hari lain lagi, gue gak sengaja denger dia (sebut saja namanya T) lagi ngobrol sama sobatnya itu, si W. si W bilang 'gue yakin dia suka sama lo. percaya deh' gue yg denger dr depan pintu cuma bisa diem kan. mereka berdua gak ngeliat gue. tapi gue bisa ngeliat mereka berdua ngobrol di sudut ruangan. saat itu gue mikir, apa gue obvious bgt ya suka sama dia? sampe si W aja sadar kalo gue naksir sama sobatnya itu.
seminggu berlalu. 11 februari 2006, setelah gue pulang sekolah, gue dapet telpon dari entah siapa. tiba-tiba, orang di sebrang telpon itu bilang 'ini aku, T.' gue kaget setengah mati. pertama, karna dia nelfon gue. kedua karna tiba-tiba dia blg 'aku' instead of 'gue' begini deh kira-kira convo nya :
T : kamu tau kan kenapa aku nelfon kamu?
gue : engga. kenapa? kok tiba-tiba?
T : sebenernya, aku itu sukanya sama kamu. waktu itu aku nembak S cuma karna kamu yg nyuruh. bukan karna aku suka sama dia. aku sukanya sama kamu. dari dulu. mau kan jadi pacar aku?
gue : loh, terus S gimana? kamu kan pacaran sama dia?
T : si S biar jadi urusan aku. yg penting sekarang kamu mau gak jd pacar aku? katanya W kamu suka sama aku.
gue : eeehhmm... eeemm... iya sih.... aduuuh... tapi aku takut sama S. biar gimana kan dia sahabat aku.
T : S nanti aku yg urus. kamu mau jadi pacar aku?
gue : iya mau.
T : makasih ya... yaudah aku tutup dulu telfonnya. aku sayang kamu..
gue : iya...
DAMN!!!! mimpi gue jadi kenyataan!! OMG!!! cowok yg gue suka nembak gue. gue sekarang pacaran sama dia!! well, tp gue tetep gak tenang karna gue mikirin si S itu. hari itu gue gak bisa berenti senyum. gue ngurung diri di kamar, nulis diary and can't stop thinking about him. besoknya nightmare datang. sobat gue itu nelfon gue dan ngancem kalo gue mau tetep sahabatan sama dia, gue harus jauhin si T. well, the news abviously blow so fast, eh? baru sehari dan dia udah tau kalo cowoknya nembak gue. gue cuma diem aja pas dia nelfon gue. gak lama, si T nelfon gue. trus gue cerita kalo si S barusan nelfon. kata dia 'tenang ajah. aku disini ngelindungin kamu' my goodness, baru kali ini ada cowok yg begitu gentle nya sama gue >_<
besoknya ya keadaan memang cukup kacau. temen-temen udah pada mulai ngegosipin gue. tp gue diem aja. pura-pura gak terjadi apa-apa. kalo gue ketemu T jg gue jalan ajah. yah walaupun di iringi dengan senyum juga sih. hehe :3


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